Differential Aluminum and steel Co. Ltd. Is a purely owned Nigerian company founded in 2007. The company specializes in manufacturing, marketing more

Our Products

The Dasc Tiles... Classic satin-finish tile features a defined angular profile that makes it one of the most popular products in the Dasc Tiles range.. more

Our Services

Our products are as good as the services provided; they are backed up by value adding design, manufacturing, installation and post installation services..more

Roofing Sheet

We deal on Aluminum long Span and steptiles roofing sheets, windows, doors and steel works, with our long span having 900mm to 1000mm (0.90m to 1.00m) effective coverage after corrugation while the steptiles ranges from 960mm to 1000mm (0.96mm to 1.00mm) effective coverage after corrugation.

DASC Windows/Doors

DASC Windows specialises in the fabrication and supply of high-quality direct-fix aluminium window in Nigeria DASC Windows manu-factures the high-quality Monoframe and Dualframe window and systems encompassing the 55mm & 75mm casement windows and built to last from robust aluminium.

Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium composite material is a type of cladding made from two faces of aluminium bonded to a central dark neoprene core. It is becoming the ideal choice for buildings with a contemporary design concept where budget is of utmost importance.

Our mission

To provide unique and affordable quality materials and services for the Aluminum and steel building product market in Nigeria and Africa.

Our Vision

To create a company that ranks among the first in the Aluminum and steel companies in Nigeria and Africa and also to make our staff and clients as part owners of the company.

Our Core Values

In Differential Aluminum and steel Co. Ltd, integrity is our watch word and passion for swift and quick delivery and quality is our attitude.

Why do Business with us

We are Innovative.
We are accountable and credible.
Our quality is consistent.
Our price and services very affordable.
Our delivery is prompt.
Integrity is our watchword.
Our products and services are backed with warrantees.

Dasc Roof Tiles

Colorful stone coated metal roofing tile is a brand new roofing material, which is based on high corrosion AI-Zn plate, high quality water-craft acrylic resin as adhesives, high weathering of natural stone particles or inorganic color pigments for the dyeing of natural stone surface, it is creative, complex, environment-friendly high-tech products.

Dasc Tiles... Bond satin-finish tile captures the refined look of a traditional-style roofing tile while incorporating the lightweight advantages of steel. Its distinctive scalloped profile complements any architectural style. Dasc Tiles... Bond is available in a wide selection of colours to enhance any exterior colour scheme. Dasc Tiles... Bond also comes in a stone-coated textured finish..

The Dasc Shakes(Makuti Grained Tiles)satin-finish tile features the wood-grain appearance of traditional shake. Its deep-ribbed profile is designed to enhance the shadow lines and create visual contrast. With Dasc Shakes(Makuti Grained Tiles)you can enjoy this look combined with all the benefits of steel, exceptional weather and fire resistance, and long life. Dasc Shakes textured-finish tiles are available in a choice of colours from deep charcoals to earthy browns and greens, and the blended tones of weathered shakes. Dasc Shakes also comes in a textured finish.

The Dasc Tiles.. Roman recreates the authentic look of traditional natural clay roofing. Its distinctive shape and pronounced profile makes the Dasc Tiles.. Roman unique among stone-coated steel tiles. Available in several blended colours inspired by this region, Dasc Tiles.. Roman provides the visual appeal of this elegant style but without the inherent weight and cost.

The Dasc Tiles... Classic satin-finish tile features a defined angular profile that makes it one of the most popular products in the Dasc Tiles range. Its sharp, clean lines and sloping edges create added depth and enhance the dimensions of your roofline. Dasc Tiles...Classic is available in a wide selection of colours to suit any design and taste. It also comes in a stone-coated textured finish.

Our Quality

Quality is a core value of Differential Aluminum and steel Co. Ltd. DASC has consciously adopted a policy of ‘Quality', in every sphere of its activity. The company is committed to provide products and services that satisfy the client’s need, meets specified quality requirement and is in accordance with international standards, DASC is also ISO 9001 2000 certified

Our Head Office/Factory

KM 18 Aba P/H Expressway,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
084-558742, 08033396060,

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